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    Welcome to the Armored Republic® - Official makers of AR500 Armor® We make tools of liberty like body armor, plate carriers, and tactical accessories for the defense of every free man's God-given rights. All of our steel core AR500 Armor® is proudly manufactured in Phoenix, AZ. Read More!

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    Established in 1978, Armortek is the second oldest armored luxury car manufacturer in the United States. We also supply quality armored vehicles for commercial and law-enforcement use. Since the company's founding, Armortek's reputation for superior security has spread around the word.

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    Bulletproof Case BSafe Case. New from Armortek, our armor plated purse, attache case, briefcase in many different styles and colors. Need immediate protection without wearing a vest all the time. Carry one of our stylish cases or bags, and hold it up when you need protection.

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    Armored Car (2) Bank (2) Bare Breasts (2) Bare Chested Male (2) Betrayal (2) Blackmail (2) Blood Splatter (2) Bound And Gagged (2) Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationship (2) Briefcase Of Money (2) Brutality (2) Bulletproof Vest (2) Business Card (2) Car Chase (2) Car Crash (2) Church (2) Cigarette Smoking (2) Convertible (2) Corrupt Police (2 ...

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    Ballastic briefcase; Armored helmet; CMD SYSTEMS. Advanced technical equipment and TSCM (Technical search countermeassures) Manufacturing concept designs to enhance and ease off everyday operations in various sectors intelligence and military. FRONTAL ARMOR. Latest in body armor technology. Products based on the best in armor technology using ...

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    Armored Car (2) Bank (2) Bare Breasts (2) Bare Chested Male (2) Betrayal (2) Blackmail (2) Blood Splatter (2) Bound And Gagged (2) Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationship (2) Briefcase Of Money (2) Brutality (2) Bulletproof Vest (2) Business Card (2) Car Chase (2) Car Crash (2) Church (2) Cigarette Smoking (2) Convertible (2) Corrupt Police (2 ...

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    up-armored briefcase $ 399.00. the days of "bbh" shields are over (big bulky heavy). ace link's up-armored briefcase provides three level iiia soft panels (approximately 14×19" each) that flip out like a switchblade to give you a shield with coverage totaling 19" by 37".

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    College Backpack, Travel Laptop School Backpack with USB Charging Port for Women Men, Water Resistant Middle Student Bookbag Fits 15.6 Inch Laptop, Vintage Casual Daypack for Boys Grey

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    .:| Armored Briefcase |:. 25 Attack,36 Defense 10 Armored Briefcase = $2 USD 50 Armored Briefcase = $10 USD 100 Armored Briefcase = $20 USD 500 Armored Briefcase = (ask for price and bonus).:| Shturmovik |:. 45 Attack,28 Defense 10 Shturmovik = $2.2 USD 50 Shturmovik = $12 USD 100 Shturmovik = $22 USD 500 Shturmovik = (ask for price and bonus)

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    Jan 10, 2020· Sporty technical design paired with business styling makes the BulletBlocker NIJ IIIA Bulletproof Executive Briefcase perfect for everyday use. It has a padded computer compartment (fits up to a 15" laptop), opens flat to expedite airport security check-in and provides easy-access entry to the computer compartment.

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    Jan 11, 2016· Ally One is a concealable armored panel perfect for slipping into backpacks, purses, briefcases, laptop bags and more. This personal protective insert is travel-friendly, ready to go with you anytime, anywhere.

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    Instinct is the second episode of the first season of Orphan Black. With a body in her car and nowhere to turn, Sarah is forced to continue her con and earn "Beth" a second chance on the force. But with a killer on her tail, her only hope of finding answers lies with another apparent'identical', Alison.

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    Decay is a feature added to the game because of the massive amounts of player-made structures on the map, which the servers can't handle. Decay works by slowly decreasing the health of the foundations of a structure. If left unattended, the decaying structures will break and, in co-ordination with the stability system, the rest of the building will soon fall apart as well, ultimately leading ...

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    Having an armored backpack or briefcase/messenger bag allows the user to be discreet, have protection with them in the course of their day by having something they would normally have anyway.

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    Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. D&D Beyond

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    Armored Trucks or Security Vans can be found around the Grand Theft Auto Campaign and Grand Theft Auto Online. They usualy contain 3k+ but can give you 2 or ... To steal the Money Briefcase, you ...

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    The armored briefcase at 25 attack/36 defense supersedes the esteemed and highly sought after Redcoat (8 attack/32 defense).Enter Moscow and unlock Episode 3, Brigadir. In Chapter 1, locate Map ...

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    Leather briefcase sale at Briefcase! Huge selection of leather briefcases & bags + monogram & free shipping on briefcases for men and women. Monogrammed Briefcase & Engraving Available!

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    Sep 27, 2017· This shield insert from TuffyPacks, sold on Amazon, goes into your backpack, briefcase or computer bag to provide personal protection from ballistic threats. They mimic bulletproof vests worn by law enforcement in their protection level, protecting the user against most handguns and semi-automatic rounds up to 44 magnums.

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