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    Napoleon Bonaparte said that "An Army travels on its stomach." This was very much the case during the American Revolution. A contemporary account says that a common soldier's rations consisted of soft bread or biscuits, cheese, butter, and beer. Vegetables, …

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    Uniforms are also a way of telling the ranks of the soldiers. By the stripes, badges, and piping on coats as well as the style of hats, soldiers could tell the rank of the officer and would know who was in charge. American Uniforms The first American soldiers were local militia. Many of them weren't trained soldiers and they didn't have uniforms.

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    This 1750's coat was custom made for a pirate re-enactor. It features fuller tails, wider sleeves and larger cuffs and shortened lapels. The weskit is longer than usual and has 20 buttons. Stripped trousers complete the outfit. Coat price - $570 - add $25 for size 50 and above Weskit - $185

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    The U.S. Navy has seen dramatic changes since its establishment on 13 October 1775 in technology, personnel, and operations. Despite these changes, however, many of the Navy's customs and traditions have remained steadfastly consistent. Some Navy traditions harken back to early naval superstitions, whereas others reflect the discipline and/or comradery of the modern Navy. Customs and ...

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    UNIFORMS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION. The regiment was in the 2nd Division of German troops leaving for America on 26th June, 1776, reaching Quebec, Canada, on the 29th July. As was the custom the grenadier company was detached from the regiment and went to form the Brunswick Grenadier Battalion.


    The Georgia Society SAR uses a uniform that is representative of the North Atlantic Regiments (New York and New Jersey) during the American Revolution. It was also a design worn by George Washington's personal guard, as seen above. It is also acceptable to wear a Militiaman's attire or uniform.

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    American Revolutionary War American War Military Art Military History Mexican Army Spanish Heritage Art Of Fighting Renaissance Era Spanish Colonial The Spanish Army in North America - The Northern Interior Provinces • Trooper, Cuera cavalry, undress uniform, c. 1780s • Trooper, Cuera cavalry, mid 18th century • Trooper, Cuera cavalry, as ...

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    Nov 20, 2015 - Explore Jorge Rodriguez's board "Mexican Military Uniforms" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Mexican army, Mexican american war, Mexican war.

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    When it comes to the study of the uniforms of the Continental Army of the Revolution one has very little to go by. The infant nation did not have the kind of record keeping infrastructure that was common in Europe. Supplies, especially finished cloth was hard to come by and much had to come from France or Spain through the British blockade.

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    Haitian Revolution French Revolution American Revolution Military Weapons Military Art Military History Military Uniforms Italian Army French History France, One of hundreds of thousands of free digital items from The New York Public Library.

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    Jan 23, 2011· Hey guys, I have just signed up for this forum and am wondering if anyone here knows where to find britsih military reproduction uniforms. The era I really want is 1700's- early 1800's In particular the redcoats from the american revolution and colonial africa type.