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    DEW makes products designed specifically for police, law enforcement and civilian protection. The DEW PD series of ballistic door panels convert ordinary vehicle doors into ready-to-use protective shields. These panels are integrated into the inside of the door and …

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    When choosing armor, it's important your ballistic protection meets NIJ standard 0101.06. But the equipment also needs to match the level of threat you're likely to face. Body armor comes in different levels. The higher the threat level, the higher the protection, as well as the weight of the vest.

  • Clear Ballistics

    The panel components are then cured in a controlled cycle. When struck by a bullet or other projectile, HS Armor panels delaminate in a way that absorbs the energy and stops the projectile. Thousands of these panels have been purchased by the military, law enforcement, and numerous private and public sector organizations to provide an extra ...

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    Security Against Ballistic Threats. Our unique design for bullet resistant fiberglass panels makes ArmorCore® the safest, most affordable, and efficient bullet resistant material solution available for both new construction and remodeling projects.

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    BALLISTIC PANELS Offering worldwide service for bullet proof products. Bullet resistant fiberglass panels are made by saturating a synthetic fiber mesh with resin. Flat layers of this resin-soaked mesh are squeezed and baked by an industrial press. The result is a hard, dense, rigid panel.

  • Handgun Resistant Panels | Ballistic Resistant Panels

    Light & Buoyant Armor. Our plates are made from Dyneema® ballistic material, which is the world's strongest fiber™. That, combined with a polycarbonate backing in a proprietary press and manufacturing process, has created some of the lightest armor on the market available to most budgets.

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    Ballistic Panels - Handgun. Ray-Bar supplies UL752 Level 3 handgun bullet resistant panels for your ballistic safety needs. See the diagram below for full specifications of our bulletproof and fire resistant paneling. With our full line of ballistic products and bullet resistant glass, it's easy to find the ideal solution for your application. ...

  • BulletBlocker NIJ IIIA NIJ III Bulletproof Inserts and Panels

    add $6,870 for ballistic bullet resistant glass stage 1 (3/4' thick) add 15,590 for ballistic resistant glass stage 2 (1.1/4" thick) add $23,930 for ballistic resistant glass stage 3 ( 2" thick) add $3,890 for (4) run flat tires Basic entry level armor upfitted complete turn-key vehicles starting @ $68,980

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    Jul 22, 2020· Bulletproof Inserts and Panels. BulletBlocker NIJ IIIA Bulletproof Small Panel / Insert. $99.00. BulletBlocker NIJ IIIA Bulletproof Large Panel / Insert. $175.00. BulletBlocker NIJ IIIA Built-for-you Backpack Panel. $199.00. BulletBlocker NIJ IIIA Bulletproof 3-Ring Insert . $99.00.

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    Plate Carriers are non-ballistic lightweight vests designed to fit ballistic plates of your choice, to offer you optimal protection against small arms and high caliber weapons. In addition; tactical plate carriers allow the wearer to carry essential equipment including, magazines, a hydration system, a squad radio, night vision equipment, as ...

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    Ballistic Dummies; DON'T JUST TAKE Our word for it "I received the new gel this week. Thank you so much! Great customer service!!" Dean "The blocks look awesome! They are huge and crystal clear! Good work. I have gotten quite a few compliments on the display case as well, the Winchester engraving looks awesome! " Winchester Ammunition ...

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    Interbank-Equipment offers UL Listed, Armortex® Bullet and Blast Protection Composite Panels. This material is manufactured using a woven roving ballistic grade cloth that is manufactured in-house. The cloth is mechanically injected with resin and placed in a hydraulic hot press, then pressed into flat rigid 3' x 8', 4' x 8', 3'x9' and 4'x9' sheets. By ...

  • Proper Installation of Bullet Proof Kevlar Panels

    Unlike ballistic grade steel, bullet resistant wall panels can be cut and drilled on site reducing site installation times. The bullet board panels can be drilled using a HSS (high speed steel) drill bits and cut either with a jig or skill saw and thus can be fitted by a dry lining contractor or any competent tradesman.

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    BALLISTIC PANELS Offering worldwide service for bullet proof products. Bullet resistant fiberglass panels are made by saturating a synthetic fiber mesh with resin. Flat layers of this resin-soaked mesh are squeezed and baked by an industrial press. The result is a hard, dense, rigid panel.

  • Level IIIA Vertx Backpack Panel

    Kevlar XP Soft Armor Panel NIJ IIIA 10" x 12" CARRIER INSERT. More Info. More Info. KEVLAR PANELS. KEVLAR BULLET RESISTANT FABRIC. K29-745 / 50" More Info. Featured Products. Quick view. 12" x 9" Kevlar 29 Style 745 Ballistic Grade Fabric Swatch: FREE SHIPPING. $21.65. Add to Cart. Quick view. Kevlar KM2 Style 850D x 71.5" wide Water Repellent ...

  • BulletBlocker NIJ IIIA NIJ III Bulletproof Inserts and Panels

    We offer the largest selection of ballistic backpack panels in the world! We partner with the top bag manufactures to ensure that each of our panels is a perfect fit for YOUR bag. Proudly made in the U.S.A. Save when you bundle.

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    Kevlar K49 – found in important cable and rope products.. Kevlar K129 – features very high tenacity for ballistic applications, like ballistic panels.. Kevlar AP – Adds 15% higher tensile strength than K-29. Kevlar XP – lighter weight resin and KM2 plus fiber combination. Kevlar KM2 – enhanced ballistic resistance for armor applications. Risk Factors For Kevlar Wall Panels

  • IIIA Soft Body Armor Side Panels | Flex Fused Core Soft Armor

    Specifications: Ballistics: Tested to NIJ Level III / NIJ-0101.06 Ballistic Capability: Multi-Hit Capability will defeat all handgun & shotgun calibers including, M193 5.56mm, MSC AK47 7.62x39 & M80 7.62x51mm Ballistic...

  • Ballistic Rubber Strips, Ballistic Panels & Military Rubber

    Tactical Scorpion Gear's Level 4 ballistic plates are polyethylene plates made in the U.S.A. Shop our high-quality Level 4 body armor plates for sale today.

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    ArmorCore® panels are fully customizable in size and surface coatings. ArmorCore® is a UL Listed product that meets all criteria for the UL 752 Standard for Bullet-Resisting Materials, as well as the NIJ Standard 0108.01 for Ballistic Resistant Protective Materials. ArmorCore® panels are easy to install and can be removed if/when required.