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    Jun 06, 2017· Damascus Gear, Damascus Imperial Riot Control Kit, Apparel and Riot Gear - Duration: 1:54. Dana Safety Supply 2,592 views. 1:54. DEVTAC RONIN KEVLAR LEVEL 3A TACTICAL BALLISTIC HELMET!

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    Corrections / Riot Control. Our advanced body armor systems are specifically designed to help protect Corrections officers against spikes, shanks and other potentially lethal weapons typically found in corrections facilities. In response to the ever volatile conditions and unique threats Corrections professionals face each day, our body armor ...

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    Riot Control Helmet features a high-impact, ABS molded shell with neck protector and clear/polycarbonate tactical face shield that is gasket sealed. The helmet straps on with a quick-release retention system with chin cup. Provides full head and face protection against almost all NON-ballistic threats, such as chemicals, rocks, bottles and ...

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    Riot Control Suit (3) Riot Face Shield (6) Riot Helmet (6) Riot Shin Guards (1) Tactical Riot Control System (3) Thigh Groin Protector (3) Thigh Groin Protector w/ Molle System (1) Upper Body and Shoulder Protector (4) View All

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    "Whether you are quelling a civillian riot or just beating down a drug-crazed vandal, Aramid Ballistics has you covered with their Riot Control Armor." The riot control armor is a piece of light armor manufactured by Aramid Ballistics. Description Edit. The riot control armor is a standard issue armor piece for recruits to the armies of the ...

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    5 models Damascus Protective Gear CRT50 Vector Hard-Knuckle Riot Control Glove $55.80 $48.99 Save Up to 18%. Haven Gear Anti-Riot Baton, 28inch $35.20 $25.49 Save 28%. 5 models Damascus Vector 1 Riot Control Gloves As Low As ...

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    SWAT trucks are specifically designed for tactical and emergency response teams, INKAS® also offers vehicle solutions within the realms of chemical attack protection, fire and drone detection, smoke screen systems, remote weapon control system, signal jamming, as well as riot control and surveillance.

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    The riot gear and the matching riot gear helmet are pieces of armor in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road. An advanced design fielded in limited quantities before the Great War, riot gear was a specialized model of combat armor used by the United States Marine Corps, Army units in the American West, and select law enforcement agencies, such as the Los Angeles Police Department.

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    The Capture Shield The Capture Shield is a non-ballistic shield for maximum visibility in riot situations.Features: Concave and... Armor Express Riot Shield $247.99

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    Jun 05, 2017· Damascus Gear, Damascus Imperial Riot Control Kit, Apparel and Riot Gear - Duration: 1:54. Dana Safety Supply 2,592 views. 1:54. DEVTAC RONIN KEVLAR LEVEL 3A TACTICAL BALLISTIC HELMET!

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    Galls is proud to offer our public safety professionals with police riot gear and accessories for their gas masks including lens brackets, vision correction systems and mask adapters. In addition to our gas masks for sale, you can also shop for a large selection of riot gear including riot armor, riot shields, MOLLE gear, forced entry tools ...

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    Advanced Riot Control Helmet (ARCH) The Advanced Riot Control Helmet provides outstanding protection and superior comfort. It features an optically clear, UV resistant, polycarbonate face shield with a spill proof rubber seal. The ARCH provides the ultimate in high-level impact protection with excellent optical properties.

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    May 17, 2014· Damascus is expanding their line of riot protective suits with the creation of two new riot suits including the DFX2™ Riot Control Kit, and the Imperial™ Riot Control Kit. The Damascus line now features three full riot protective suits to serve your protection needs. Click the links below for more information. We have also included […]

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    Riot and crowd control duty gear and equipment for your security teams needs. We carry the necessary equipment such as: Riot shields, pepper spray, protective gear, gas masks, OC spray and more. Crowd and riot control issues are easily resolved or prevented with the proper equipment and training.

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    Riot Gear - Crowd Control Equipment Shop Cheap Swat Gear & Equipments Police protection equipment riot gear for police and law and enforcement agencies. Security Pro USA carries the best crowd and riot equipment that meets the quality standards required by law enforcement. Our riot gear is designed to protect police officers from blunt force ...

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    The Onyx Armor Riot Protective System was designed to provide the ultimate in protection from blunt force trauma due to thrown objects without sacing mobility. Our armor design engineers collaborated with riot experts to create a system that meets the rigorous needs of today's law enforcement. We understand that riot control equipment is very tough to fund. To assist in this area, we ...

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    Whether you're controlling a crowd, engaging in tactical simulation or out in the field, ballistic and riot shields are your first line of defense. Used by tactical teams, ballistic protection shields help deflect bullets and other projectiles aimed at the carrier.

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    Damascus DFX2 Riot Control Kit, Police Riot Gear, Protects Your Upper Body, Elbows, Forearms, Groin, Thighs, Knees and Shins, includes Aluminum Chest Plate Created by Damascus Gear™, the DFX2 was designed to provide substantial protection from...

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    Purchase Riot Gear products at officerstore. Home > Tools and Supplies > Traffic and Crowd Control > Riot Gear. RIOT GEAR ... AEDs Diagnostic Equipment/ Tools First Aid Supplies Infection Control Tactical EMS Gear Tactical Medical Bags Tourniquets Wound Care. Reporting Supplies.