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    You gather the military uniforms that you no longer want and send them to us with a pre-paid shipping label. We sort the uniforms and cut out patterns with the help of one of our local veteran partners. We send the cut surplus to our veteran-owned manufacturing facility in …

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    Jun 26, 2019· FORT BELVOIR, Va. – Beginning in July, soldiers in Hawaii and at Fort Benning, Georgia will be able to buy the Army's newest field uniform – the Improved Hot Weather Combat Uniform.

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    We manufacture and sell exact reproduction WW2 Uniforms and Gear, US and German, for history buffs, re-enactors, collectors, museums and film. Many items USA made!

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    Everything you need to know about the newest Army and Air Force uniforms: the Operational Camouflage Pattern. BDUs Through the 1980s and 90s, BDUs were the only uniform for the entire U.S. Armed Forces. They are still widely popular today. How to Choose Military Boots

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    Jun 12, 2020· New Army Green Uniform Will Soon Be Available for Soldiers to Buy. Prototypes of the Army Greens uniform, shown above. Initial fielding of the new uniform …

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    Army Navy Sales offers genuine-issue military apparel from all major branches of the US Armed Forces, as well as camping and hiking gear, workwear, and military-themed gifts and vintage American heritage products. From US-Army field jackets to Marine Corps boots, Navy pea coats, and US Air Force glasses, our GI apparel is made in the USA and as ...

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    Buy All or One. Army 50/50 NYCO OCP ACU Uniform Coat Uniform Builder. Buy All or One. Army Custom ECWCS Gen III Level 3 Fleece Jacket. ... Compare US Army Uniform Rank army_rank. US Patriot Embroidered 5in. Hat Name Tape. $5.00. 10% Off with Purchase of $100 or More! Free Shipping on Orders Over $99!

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    History. The design of early army uniforms was influenced by both British and French traditions. One of the first Army-wide regulations, adopted in 1789, prescribed blue coats with colored facings to identify a unit's region of origin: New England units wore white facings, southern units wore blue facings, and units from Mid-Atlantic states wore red facings.

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    In this section you will find our range of WW2 German Uniforms as worn in the Third Reich by the different services of the German Armed Forces in WW2, the Oberkommando des Heeres (German army), Oberkommando der Marine (Germany Navy) and the …

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    Buy Military Medals for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, & Coast Guard as well as 1000's of military related products. Shop USA Military Medals.

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    Original Vietnam War Uniforms Offer a Unique Way to Collect American History. The Vietnam War was a major event that changed American society, politics, foreign policy, and the military. As such, Vietnam War uniforms are highly sought-after by collectors. Used and pre-owned Vietnam War uniforms for sale on eBay come in a wide array of categories.

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    The wear guidance for wear of the U.S. Flag is the same for all camouflage patterns of the Army Combat Uniform. AR 670-1, paragraph 19-18 states, "All Soldiers will wear the full-color U.S. flag ...

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    Army Service Uniform (ASU) Male Dress Coat - Enlisted. $ 244.95. Add to cart. Army Service Uniform (ASU) Male Dress Coat - Officer. $ 244.95. Add to cart. Black Military Dress Socks (10-13) $ 6.99. Add to cart Long Sleeve Uniform Shirt. $ 29.99. Add to cart.

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    When it comes to government issue uniforms that meet military specifications, Supply Sergeant is your highly reputable source for wide variety of US military uniforms for sale.As trusted suppliers for a many units of the Armed Forces, we carry a complete array of U.S. Army and Military uniforms, including the:

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    WW1 (WWI, World War One, Great War) Uniforms, Equipment & Gear for the British Army. WWI (WWI, World War One, Great War) Australian, ANZAC, New Zealand Army Uniforms and Gear. World War One (WW1, WWI) US AEF Army Uniforms Gear; World War One (WW1, WWI) Imperial German Army Uniforms & Gear. World War One (WW1, WWI) Canadian & Other Army Uniforms ...

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    About Us. For over twenty (20) years Military Uniform Supply, Inc. has offered quality merchandise at affordable prices. We believe it is our commitment to providing you with exceptional customer service that built, and continues to build, our reputation.

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    Most of the U.S. Army's uniforms of the 1960s and 1970s were superceded by the camouflage battle dress uniform (BDU) that was introduced for field and garrison duty on 1 October 1981, the second stage of a multiphased transition to an individual clothing and equipment system that is totally camouflaged.

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    Airmen Battle Uniforms hang on a rack for Airmen to take at the Airmen's Attic, Feb. 8, 2018, at Altus Air Force Base, Okla. (U.S. Air Force/Airman 1st Class James Johnson) 22 Jan 2020 Military

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    Ranger Joe's mission is to provide the world's finest combat gear and customer satisfaction.

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    Nov 14, 2016· Though thousands of uniforms end up in thrift stores every year, it might be best to donate them to a military thrift store or one close to a base. If you're looking for your donation to go a little further, you can give your uniforms to organizations that help veterans, such as Sword & Plough or your local Airman's Attic.