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    ATT-Tactical ™ - Serving Warfighters and Crimefighters since 1985 US Dept. of State ITAR / DDTC Registered Manufacturer / DUNS / CAGE 3BNS6 NYS Vender ID # / NJS Vender ID # NYS Explosives Mfgr / Dealer §478.99(d) Armor Piercing Ammunition / AA&E Level 2 / GML 103 FAR, FAR2 and SOP 00 11 -Compliant / WAWF - Compliant / IPP - Compliant / …

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    Personal tactical ballistic shield s are often issued to military members and law enforcement as standard personal protective equipment. The most common professional ballistic shield s are designed to protect the user's upper torso, while others are designed to protect the user's entire body. When used correctly, a ballistic shield will cause less cause trauma or pain upon impact than body ...

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    Counting on a Level IIIA-rated, handgun-capable ballistic shield to "slow down" a rifle round enough to capture it by soft body armor is not a realistic or safe proposition. In addressing threat level protection, ballistic capabilities are critical in shield selection.

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    Round Shield. Heater Shield. Leg Armor. Mask. Shoulder Armour. Wrist Armour. Neck Guard. Feet Armour. Go to next slide - Shop by Type. Shop by Theme. See All - Shop by Theme. Showing slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES} - Shop by Theme. Go to previous slide - Shop by Theme. Medieval. Viking. Spartan. Roman.

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    Whether you're controlling a crowd, engaging in tactical simulation or out in the field, ballistic and riot shields are your first line of defense. Used by tactical teams, ballistic protection shields help deflect bullets and other projectiles aimed at the carrier.

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    To stop a bullet you need a Tactical Ballistic Shield - but to stop the impact of rocks, bricks, bottles, sticks, etc., a Riot Shield is a lightweight and inexpensive solution. Also stops splash hazards and low velocity fragments. Ideal for Riot Police, Corrections, Cell Extraction, etc., etc.

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    With 3 strategic designs and 2 levels of NIJ protection, Hardwire Tactical Shields give you lightweight, easy-to-carry protection.


    AMI has developed a MAS Shield Level III that can stop an entire 30-round magazine from an AR-15/M16 or AK-47. At CAST Portable Ballistic Testing AMI Shields at CAST Ballistic Testing in Wichita, Kansas during July, 2018, two of our Mobile Armored Shields remained unpenetrated after 30 rounds. This is the first and only shield to pass strenuous CAST ballistics tests.

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    NIJ III BALLISTIC SHIELD *Ballistic Resistance Performance-7.62 × 51mm NATO ball M14 at 15 meters-7.62 × 39mm MSC/API AK47 MSC at 15 meters-5.56 × 45mm M193/SS109/M855 M16 at 15 meters-common handgun / pistol ammo *Specs-Ultra-Lightweight and low profile design-Size: Shield-60*90cm / custom size, ballistic visor-20*6.5cm / custom size

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    Jul 20, 2018· Ballistic Shield Vs Bulletproof Vest. In a matter of seconds, a normal day can turn into a life-or-death situation. Whether you're a law enforcement officer or white-collar businessman, schoolteacher or student, unfortunately, that statement holds true.. Being prepared for an active shooter may seem impossible to the average person.

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    The ballistic shield to be issued is a threat level 3A, 3 or 4. The NIJ states the shield will stop the round that it is tested for. (Needs to also include NIJ 3 and NIJ 4 shields being that we cover these threat levels with our shields ) The NIJ level 3A ballistic shield will …

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    The Capture Shield The Capture Shield is a non-ballistic shield for maximum visibility in riot situations.Features: Concave and... Armor Express Riot Shield. $247.99. ... BS-7 Round Polycarbonate Shield, 24" x .150" Paulson's handheld 24-inch round body shield with ergonomic features and a...



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    Ballistic Shields and Blankets. Products. Body Armor. Ballistics. Shields & Blankets Filter Clear Filters x Apply 31 Results 0 Results Order. Go. Assault II VP Entry I FR X - Type IIIA Shield Entry I X - Type IIIA Shield Entry II X - Type IIIA Shield Might Mite X - Type IIIA Shield ...

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    Ballistic Shields | Tactical Shields | Police Shields Shop Ballistic Shields, Police Shields, Tactical Shields NIJ Level III A Tactical Shields for for Police & Military Personals. Modern Ballistic Shields are protective shields designed protect police, military or anyone from deflected bullets either from handguns, rifles and other projectiles such as rocks and arrows fired at their carrier.

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    The VENGEANCE series hard armor ballistic shield is an ambidextrous weapon mount design in threat level III+ rifle protection. Based on the popular WMX1 and WMX2 platforms providing ambidextrous weapon rests. The flat panel design is compact and offers easy vehicle stowage providing rapid first responder and entry team access to rifle protection.

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    Oct 10, 2012· Shield penetration for Ballistic weapons should be about 40% with +/-30% caliber deviation with +/- 10% speed deviation. 200% shield should 50% off base damage to hull/armor and do 50% more damage to the shield. Toward 0% shield the projectile should do damage to hull/armor and decrease the HP loss on the shield toward ~20% minimum

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    Armor-piercing bullets for rifle and handgun cartridges are designed to penetrate ballistic armor and protective shields intended to stop or deflect conventional bullets.Although bullet design is an important factor with regard to armor penetration, the ability of any given projectile to penetrate ballistic armor increases with increasing velocity. Rifle cartridges typically discharge bullets ...

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    Ballistic shields are protection devices deployed by police and military forces that are designed to stop or deflect bullets fired at their carrier. Ballistic shields will also protect from less serious threats such as thrown items, though they are typically used in situations where riot shields would not offer adequate protection.. Ballistic shields can be made out of materials such as UHMWPE ...

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    BulletSafe not only makes a great bulletproof vest, but we also make bulletproof shields to keep you safe. Like our vests, BulletSafe's shields represent the best value in the protection. They offer great materials and technology to deliver protection you can carry at a price you can afford.