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  • SAPI and Shooters Cut Torso Plates

    We also provide Level III stand-alone PE polyethylene and aramid armor plates. Also available in 6×6, 6×8, 8×10, 10×12, 11×14 with plate shapes available: …

  • 4S17 Level IV Hard Armor Plate NIJ 06 Certified

    Jul 26, 2020· KOTA - HESCO 4401 Level IV Stand-Alone Plates SET OF 2 (Page 2 of 2) General » General Discussion. AR-15 AK-47 Handgun Precision Rifles Armory Training Competitive Shooting General Outdoors Archery Hometown Industry. About AR15. AR15 is the world's largest firearm community and is a gathering place for firearm enthusiasts of all types.

  • HESCO 4401 Level IV Stand

    NEXUS LEVEL IV STAND ALONE DOUBLE CURVE PLATE FRONT OR REAR SPECS. Level 4 SA Hard Plates Ballistic Test Certificate PDF Download. PDF NIJ Level IV ( NIJ 0101.06 ) Provides Balistic protection against the following: 7.62mm x 63mm (30.06) x 2 shots. 7.62mm x 54mm Heavy Ball Dragunov x 4 shots. 7.62mm x 51mm (NATO) Fal, GPMG, etc

  • Best Body Armor [2020 Tested]: Hard Plates & Soft Armor ...

    These are great Level IV stand alone plates in a Swimmer's Cut. About as thin as I've seen for Stand Alone Plates. Weighed 6 lbs 10 oz on my scale. Great finish. That said, the single curve profile is not as ergonomic as triple or multi-curve plates I've worn in the past. And they are about 1.5" too short for a perfect fit in my S/M Mayflower .


    MaxPro DBA-IV Body Armor is a high-performance, NIJ Level IV certified, 10" x 12" ceramic plate for use as a front or back. Designed to provide an economical NIJ Threat Level IV standalone protection solution, MaxPro DBA-IV Body Armor combines...

  • Advanced Threat Level Information

    Tested to be truly multi-hit, this plate is the most reasonable choice for those looking for Stand Alone Level 4 Protection. EDGE-TO-EDGE PROTECTION Ballistic structure designed and manufactured to provide fullest possible spectrum of protection against rifle threats.


    Tactical Scorpion Gear Level IV PE Polyethylene / Ceramic (UHMWPE) plate body armor.Tactical Scorpion Gear Level lV Polyethylene Body Armor 11x14 Plate-PE-11144Tactical Scorpion Gear Level lV Polyethylene Body Armor 6x6 PlateMade in USA by our own craftsmenYou can put away that inferior heavy steel body armor that they wore in the medieval daysFeatures A stand-alone armor plate with …

  • Two Side Plates: NIJ Certified Level IV Stand Alone (26227 ...

    Shellback Tactical Prevail Series 10 x 12 NIJ 0101.06 Certified Level IV Hard Armor Plate Model 4S17. The Shellback Tactical 1155 Level IV Hard Body Armor Plate is a single-curve ballistic rifle plate designed to withstand rigorous usage. This hard body armor plate was designed to protect the user who has their lives on the line in critical situations.

  • SKD Armor 10 x 12 Level IV Stand Alone Plate

    The 26148 Triple-curve hard armor SAPI plate is certified NIJ 0101.04 Level IV Stand Alone ballistic solution. Manufactured from a high-density, reinforced alumina ceramic core (Al2O3) backed with layered polymer composite fiber and finished in a black Cordura Covering.


    Jul 05, 2018· Some plates may have conditional ratings — for instance, Level III protection when used alone and Level IV with a soft armor backer (see below for more on ratings). Similar to soft armor inserts, plates are secured inside carriers and are typically offered in standardized sizes.

  • DKX Body Armor Plates & Panels

    Delta III/IV ICW. Level III/IV ICW rifle plate constructed of Alumina/Aramid material. Independent lab tested to stop level III/IV threats. Fits into the rifle plate pocket of your plate carrier, tactical entry vest, or compatible overt body armor carrier.

  • Delta III/IV ICW – Armor Express

    Our Level IV rifle rated hard armor plates are independently tested to NIJ protocol and developed to defeat a single shot of 7.62×63 APM2 at muzzle velocity. Designed with a multi-curve profile to provide an ergonomic and comfortable fitting armor system that is intended to wear against your body all day.

  • KOTA

    Velocity Systems has a wide variety of Hard Armor products such as Lightweight Ballistic Plates, LWPE Polyethylene Plate, PSA4 Level IV Stand-Alone and many more.

  • Armor Express Delta Level 4 Stand

    BAO Tactical - Shooters SA IV 10x12 .06 Cert Hard Armor Plate - BAO1155 The BAO Tactical 1155 plate described on this page is NIJ certified to the .06 Level IV Stand Alone specifications, in the form of a single curve shooters cut style, which performs optimally as either a front or back plate…

  • BulletProofME Body Armor

    4 Level 4 plates. Posted by Josh on 27th Apr 2020 Never sure how to review plates. They fit well with the curve. And they are light weight. Can't speak for how well they'll hold up when and if I ever get shot. So 4 stars. Overall I am very satisfied. 5 LVL IV plates . Posted by Unknown on 16th Apr 2020 ...

  • Best Body Armor [2020 Tested]: Hard Plates & Soft Armor ...

    Best Ceramic Level IV Body Armor. 10. AR500 Level IV Ceramic ... We mentioned it a few times above, but all the stand-alone plates that we talked about are worn inside of a plate carrier–a tactical vest with special pockets designed just for your body armor plates. Spartan Armor Carriers.

  • Nexus Level IV Stand Alone Double Curve Plate Set

    splt600 steel plates – nij .06 compliant level iii (stand alone) MODEL 10048IC- LEVEL IV PLATE IN-CONJUNCTION WITH LEVEL IIIA SOFT ARMOR MODEL OMEGA - LEVEL III ICW LEVEL …

  • HESCO 4401 Level IV Stand

    Made in the USA, the Guardian 4SAS7 offers multi-hit protection from Level IV Stand Alone armor piercing rounds. Available in single and multi curve, the 4SAS7 ceramic plate is NIJ Standard 2005IR certified, DEA Hard Armor Protocol Compliant, and has a thin profile of 0.75".

  • Level IV Hard Armor Plate (Model #1155) NIJ .06 Certified ...

    ~ 3-4 Week Estimated Lead Time ~ ~SOLD IN PAIRS~ Nominal 6×6 or 6x8 inch single curve hard armor side plate. Manufactured from high-density alumina ceramic core (Al2O3) backed with layered composite fiber. Finished in a paint coating. Ballistic Protection to NIJ 0101.06 Level IV Stand Alone. All our Hard Armor Plates

  • RTS Tactical Ceramic NIJ 0101.06 level IV Rifle Protection ...

    Level IV body armor will stop large caliber and armor piercing rifle threats up to .30-06 M2AP armor piercing rounds with a mass of 166 grains and velocity of 2880 ft/s. Our Level IV body armor plates has been ranked for protection and offers various levels of ballistic performance. Why Choose Spartan Armor Systems for Your Level IV Body Armor ...