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    Body armor can be a real lifesaver. Whether its for work or personal use, getting the right body armor is crucial for your protection. Body vests can be found in new and used condition on eBay. What are the different types of bullet-resistant armor? Defensive ballistic vests are a common type of armor.

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    We have taken the old technology of colloidal silver and improved it to create the next generation of silver products. SilverSol® was created to improve on current formulas to make them safer and more effective.

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    Forcefield Body Armour specialises in Impact Protection and High Performance Clothing Systems. The brand prides itself on developing and producing cutting edge, innovative and class leading products. Winning countless awards and reviews, the brand continues to grow across many industries and sports.

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    Body Armor and Ballistic Vests. We provide body armor and ballistic protection for all types of assignments in law enforcement, security detail, tactical units or corrections. Choose comfortably concealable vests for covert missions or tactical armor for overt operations. Overt vests are constructed to resist the wear and tear that comes from ...

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    Unlike traditional gel products, ours has a load-carrying ability second to none, and is even used to support heavy industrial machines. SHOCKtec Gel and Air2Gel will not crystallize, leak or spill even if punctured. They are hypoallergenic, fungus resistant, and non-toxic (they contain no latex or silicone).

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    Oct 11, 2017· Myth One: Homemade Body Armor is Just as Effective as Store-Bought. ... while incorporating a hard shell on the wearer's knuckles compared to the Mechanix's gel knuckle protection. These gloves cost on average $55-$75 for a pair, making …

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    In the CE tests, body armor's ability to absorb energy is measured by propelling an 11lbs weight with a 1.5 x 1.0-inch striking face into the armor with 37lb/ft (50J) of energy.

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    Fighting S2 GEL Power Body Protector . $99.99. Add to Cart. TITLE Ionic Strike Body Protector . $119.99. Out of stock. Fighting Leather Body Protector . $129.99. Add to Cart. TITLE Boxing Fighting Fresh Body Protector . $99.99. View Options. Rating: 97%. 6 Reviews. TITLE GEL Body Protector . $99.99. Out of stock. TITLE Ultra Light Molded Chest ...

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    Aerogels are literally amazing stuff, a class of solid materials so light they are barely denser than air. Sometimes called 'frozen smoke', a block of aerogel is so insubstantial that it can ...

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    A pair of 10" by 12" Level 3 Polyethylene Rifle Plates typically weigh around 6.5 lbs and they are capable of stopping 6 rounds of .308, which makes this an exceptional body armor defense!! The most significant burden of rifle plate body armor is the weight with which it comes.

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    Angel Armor is there to make that happen, by providing an outstanding product for an outstanding officer. Zach Chicoine Sugar Hill Police Department NH I have been wearing the RISE vest with the Truth SNAP system for over a year now, and hands down it is the most comfortable vest I have ever worn.

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    D3O® are experts in impact protection and shock absorption. We make trusted, high performance, shock absorbing solutions for global brands.

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    HESCO BODY ARMOR is available in a number of shapes and sizes as well as various curvatures, weights and thicknesses. A properly fitted torso plate should not interfere with the comfortable movement of the arms and shoulders. If a plate is too large, it can impede mobility and result in difficulty holding, aiming or discharging a weapon which ...

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    Concealable Armor | Body Armor. The chance of being struck by a projectile is a daily occurrence for law enforcement officers. With this constant threat of danger, it is important that police have the most trusted ballistic protection available. Galls is proud to offer several styles of body armor including NIJ Compliant Body Armor.

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    Unlike traditional gel products, ours has a load-carrying ability second to none, and is even used to support heavy industrial machines. SHOCKtec Gel and Air2Gel will not crystallize, leak or spill even if punctured. They are hypoallergenic, fungus resistant, and non-toxic (they contain no latex or silicone).

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    Premier Body Armor Panel Universal Fit Small 10"x12" Black BPP-9005 Premier Body Armor Panel Universal Fit Small 10"x1... Our Low Price $149.47 QuickView ... DKX1B VORTEX GEL-COREMade in: CN DKX1B VORTEX GEL-COREMade in: CN. Our Low Price $43.60 QuickView

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    Oct 22, 2012· Body armor offers effective protection for the torso, but in modern conflicts, 70% of non-fatal injuries and 16% of fatalities result from trauma to the extremities. Until now, the sheer number of ...

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    In 2011 REV'IT! acquired a leading armor manufacturer based in Italy - Tryonic. Tryonic's standalone back protectors are an excellent choice for premium protection on the street or the track. Additionally, REV'IT! has partnered with Knox and SAS-TEC to offer premium back protector upgrade options, a recommended option for every REV'IT! jacket.

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    "I have been using e-Fuel and e-Gel for about 6 years for training and racing in triathlons, running events and cycling events. It is the one product that has continuous energy supply without highs and lows. I have especially liked having all my nutrition needs on the bike premixed in my drink, so I don't have to fumble with gel packs on the bike.

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    ­The basic idea behind body armor hasn't changed very much in the past few thous­and years. First, armor stops weapons or projectiles from reaching a person's body. Second, it diffuses the weapon's energy so that the final impact causes less damage. While it's not effective in every situation, armor can generally help protect people from serious injury or death, especially against the right ...