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    The most intense tactical missions call for the most advanced protection. Tactical plate carriers are purpose-built for stopping the high-powered rifle shots that soft body armor can't. Based on the Soldier Plate Carrier System used by the U.S. Army, these vests provide the …

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    A world leader in hard-armor technologies, PROTECH® designs and manufactures custom armor solutions for virtually all types of applications. Using only the most advanced materials, engineering and the latest technology in ballistic development, we provide our clients with the greatest balance of cost, weight and performance in all the products ...

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    This plate carrier is capable of utilizing both soft and hard body armor all the way up to level 4 ESAPI 10×12 plates. The vest comes with a hook and loop lay flat drag handle and all the necessary guiders for hydration houses, antennas, comms wires, etc. To boot, you'll get a lifetime warranty from Shellback!

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    Hard Armor:Size Small holds Small ESAPI shape plates ONLY.Size Medium, Large, and X-Large hold 10"x12" Shooters/Swimmers Cut Plates or ESAPI Shape plates of corresponding sizes to the carrier.Soft Armor: The soft armor inserts intended for this carrier are the Velocity Systems LPAC/LPAAC Cut Soft Armor. This is a custom cut of soft armor designed for this carrier. Other manufacturers' soft ...

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    You'll find styles that accept ceramic plates and styles that accept soft armor. You'll find plate carriers with MOLLE-compatible webbing for accessory attachments, emergency grab handles and quick-release tabs for rapid removal in an emergency situation. We also carry styles with ventilated padding to increase breathability and pockets for ...

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    A carrier is a shell or an overlay that is placed over external body armor, like an armored vest or bullet resistant vest, aka "bulletproof vest". A proper external vest carrier makes standard tactical vests look more like shirts and they usually come with extra internal pockets for inserting additional ballistic plates.

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    Soft Armor Carriers . When you are doing tactical duties as part of first responder teams, security guards, police and military, having enough protection is really important to survive those life-threatening situations.Sometimes you are out there in the wild while on other times you are faced with a fully-equipped enemy and you can easily come in the line of fire.

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    Shellback Tactical Level IIIA Model CLCIIIA Soft Armor Package. The Shellback Tactical Level IIIA Model CLCIIIA Soft Armor Package is specifically designed to fit our Shellback Tactical plate carriers.This ballistic package is NIJ 0101.06 certified, lightweight and provides ballistic protection against common hand gun rounds.

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    I am looking for a new soft armor carrier. Looking for an external carrier w/ molle attachments for pouches. Right now this would be for soft armor only, no plates. ** I might (I would like) to add plates in the future, but it will be a little while.** After searching here, most all soft armor carriers are the Low-Vis / concealable type.

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    The brand new Safe Life Defense Tactical Carrier has arrived! Be one of the first to get the #1 rated body armor system in the long awaited tactical model! Compatible with all Safe Life Defense armor panels. Full coverage. Full molle. Added side coverage. Expanded rifle plate pockets.

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    Spartan Armor Systems™ Flex Fused Core™ IIIA Soft Body Armor and Spartan DL Concealment Plate Carrier $279.99 Spartan Armor Systems Shipping Most Orders Ship within 8-10 Weeks!

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    The soft and comfortable wear allows tactical advantages in dire situations, allowing you to move freely and quickly without assistance. The Level IIIA body armors are nearly weightless; therefore, you won't even feel that you are wearing such a protective armor underneath your shirt.

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    These police tactical vests can be concealable armor, tactical armor, armor carrier vests or even soft body armor. They help absorb the impact and reduce or stop penetration to the body from firearm-fired projectiles and shrapnel from explosions. Stab Proof Vests.

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    We have a selection of more than 30 body armor and plate carrier combination packages for sale online. Packages are available in combinations of hard and soft core body armor with National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Threat Level Certifications of IIIA, III, and IV, along with a selection of compatible plate carriers adaptable for use in virtually any tactical situation.

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    Plate Carriers Tactical Vests Federal Armor Systems ... Soft Armor Shields Helmets Corrections / Riot Pouches. Point Blank Body Armor. Point Blank Body Armor (PBBA) is recognized as one of the first companies in the United States to design and manufacture body armor. Since 1973, Point Blank has grown into an internationally diversified company ...

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    PCSAI™ Plate Carrier Soft Armor Inserts for military, army, security. ⭐ UARM™ - Designed and tested by and for professionals ☎ +1 (302) 480 9787.

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    3) Soft armor costs less. Eh. edit: I think the real answer is that if you can only afford 1 it's better to have a carrier since you can wear it slick or overt and protect against a wider variety of rounds. Your post seems to advocate more for having both rather than just soft armor. I would never agree that soft armor only is the way to go.

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    The advanced Coolmax® Fresh knit fabric means the T-SHIRT™ carrier can be worn as a foundational garment. The advanced engineering and materialskeeps the ballistic armor snug against the torso while keeping the wearer cool and dry.

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    The brand new Safe Life Defense Tactical Carrier has arrived! Be one of the first to get the #1 rated body armor system in the long awaited tactical model! Compatible with all Safe Life Defense armor panels. Full coverage. Full molle. Added side coverage. Expanded rifle plate pockets.

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    Absorb the impact and protect your body and head from all guns and other firearms with tried and true Kevlar Bulletproof Vests & Body Armor.Snug and breathable Bulletproof Vests feature resistant bulletproof ballistic panels that perfectly adapt to your body type for wearing under or over garments. Obtain full bullet protection up to NIJ level as well as edged-blade level 2 and spike level 2 ...